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How to Compare the Odds Before you Bet on Your Favorite Team

How to Compare the Odds Before you Bet on Your Favorite Team

Placing bets is always the easy part. The hard part is winning. The odds may seem against you, especially since sports has so many unknown influences. Humans can be too unpredictable at times. Stay informed and understand what the odds mean before going in and placing the next bet. Do not let the lingo confuse or scare you. It’s not too difficult to understand. Know that there are three types of odds that any better will see is decimal, fractional and American.

Decimal Odds:

The decimal odds are the most popular odds used. It is so recognizable that you can bet just about anywhere. These will be listed as a 3.00 stake. You will multiply your winning to the decimal shown to get the amount you win. For example:

If you place a $1 bet on a 3.00 odd, you will receive $4. $1 will be the amount you placed, and $3 will be your earnings.

If the odds are 4.00 and you place $10, you will receive $40. $30 will be the earnings and $10 will be the money placed.  Here is a video to help you understand.

Fractional Odds:

Fractional odds are not as widely used as decimal odds. These are mostly used by the UK bookmakers, so it is important to know for anyone who may be a soccer enthusiast (or football if you’re from the UK). These bets may be listed as 2/1. They list how much money is won versus how much money is placed. For example:

If the odds are 2/1 and you placed $1, you will receive $2 in winnings ($3 total counting the $1 stake that was placed).

So for 7/2 odds and placing $10, you will receive $35 in winnings ($45 total counting the $10 staked that was placed).

American odds:

The American odds are vastly different compared to the other two. The odds are calculated with a $100 stake and give a positive or negative outcome. These odds tell you how much money you need to make money you need to bet to make $100. For example:

The odds are +227. Placing a $100 bet means that you can win up to $227 ($127 winnings and $100 amount that was staked).

The odds are -125. mean that you must risk $125 to earn $225. You either lose $125 or win $100.

Now that you know what odds are, how can they benefit you? There are certainly many things to take into account when placing bets. Think of the stats in football. There are passing yards, rushing, total wins etc. Which of these stats give the greatest indicator for winning? Betting on the underdogs give you a certain advantage over most.

While underdog betting may be looked down upon and may even give you away as a novice better, remember that underdogs give you a slight advantage over others. These teams tend to go under the radar. The public will always pick a popular team, but that team is not always wins. There are certainly plenty of times to go against the grain. Perhaps it’s the added pressure, or some other unknown. The bookmakers will also narrow the odds, giving less potential profit for a win. But before you place the bets, always remember that your gut feeling usually comes out on top.

So there you have it. A quick glance at the types of odds used depending on the sports you are betting on. Other than understanding the odds and studying the team statistics, there isn’t a guaranteed method for winning. The underdog tactic may have it’s upsides and downsides, but at the end of the day, your gut may prevail. Stay true to that and have fun.

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The Online High Roller Casino

The Online High Roller Casino

In a Casino, high roller players are a class of their own and get VIP promotions, big bonuses as well as high table limits and a VIP high roller casino host. The latest digital media software and quick and skilled support 24/7 are the world that the high roller player experiences. Cyber casinos are recommendable for your needs.

What Makes a High Roller?

You may be interested in knowing what defines a high roller. That is up to the casino and all the online casinos have different requirements. Some of the casinos will upgrade your status to a VIP player for depositing and playing at least $1000 per week. However, for the rewards it takes tens of thousands of dollars and many hours of play in the casino. But between your winnings and the comps, being a high roller can be very rewarding.

What do you Get?

As a VIP player, you will enjoy enhanced benefits such as exclusive tournaments, larger incentives and higher match bonus offers. A key part of the offering is having access to a dedicated Casino Host that gives you the support you expect. It’s not unheard of for online casinos to offer private jet charters, celebrity meet ups, invitations to dinners and events around the world, exclusive gifts, holiday trips, tailored offers and incentives to ensure your gaming experience is the best it possibly can be for big online players.

These high roller online casinos are few and far between, but they do exist. These casinos have an impeccable reputation and the casino takes care of their players whether they play for small stakes or they are high rollers with VIP status. Moreover, high roller online casinos are worth playing at because you will receive good service and fairness in play. Additionally, high stakes casinos are licensed by governments in Europe and checked to ensure that their games are fair.

Vip Service

Any online casino can offer high roller games with high limits, but the personalized VIP service and environment is what really counts. The online casino selects players as VIPs at their sole discretion, based on the significance and ongoing activity of their play in the casino. A key element of being selected and maintaining VIP status at an online casino is consistency of play.

If you achieve high roller status at a casino get to be friends with your casino host. This person is your gate-pass to bigger and bigger comps. Remember that the casino is in the business to take away your money and you are trying to take the casinos money. Your casino host is your door to the casinos vault, with his/her help you enjoy the benefits of being a high roller.

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